Logistics Supply


Access Group was founded in Afghanistan and has been a principal company in the field of Construction, Transportation and Logistics Supplies Services, since 2002 operates in all over Afghanistan As Prime/main and sub contractor.

Access Group has developed strong ties with its reputed clients by delivering excellent quality work and products at competitive prices. Either has met and exceeded its customersí expectations by adhering strictly to our Quality, Safety and environmental procedures. This continued commitment to customer satisfaction has largely contributed to the present success of the company.

Access Group mainly deals in developing, supplying and general contracting services and offers an innovative approach towards the Logistics, Services, construction, development and supply business, our aim is to resort to the finest engineering and business skills, coupled with the companyís experience and long acquired know-how in corporate activities, to offer its large network of clientís most completive packages.

Access Group objective since itís establish to guarantee the 5 bests:

1. Best Quality.
2. Best Service.
3. Best Price.
4. On time delivery.
5. Complete Safety.

Access Group developed their transportation network of marketing system and famous business conception along with the proprietary service development for financial institutions. These systems now facilitate our current services and sales, support and logistic team efforts, capability and efficiency.

1. Link venture goals to an organization's strategy and business objectives..
2. Ensure configuration across business areas in completing of projects.
3. Clarify domination composition, roles and responsibilities.
4. Develop project framework and ensure consistency in progress reporting and deliverables across projects/initiatives.
5. Track status of overall project milestones and interdependencies.
6. Identify issues/areas of risk and track resolution.
7. Coordinate across projects to capitalize on synergies with training, resource deployment, testing, etc. and to eliminate duplication and overlap.
8. Coordinate with external project efforts as appropriate.
9. Initiate and coordinate change management efforts.