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  • Constuction & creating state of the art buildings
    structures and homes

    Constuction & creating state of the art buildings
    structures and homes

Welcome to Access Group

Access Group Construction Company is an active as well AGCC is non-governmental and non-political organization and has been working for 8 years in the field of infrastructure in country. This company has active, professional and expert Afghani and Foreign Engineers and workers. They work in Construction fields such as Building Construction , Containerized Office Building , Connex , Latrine , Sand Bag , Cement Wall , Barrier , Gabion , Barbet Wall , Tower Guard , Empty 40 feet & 20 feet Containers , Road Makers and other constructional works. This company has done more than 100 small & big Projects for NATO, Bagram Air Base, HUN PRT, German Camp, ANA Camp, Kundoz Air Base, KAIA, Commanding General Service College, MOD, AWCC and Compass Security.


There is no need to compile a list of documentation for any potential client to view as in Afghanistan this can all be forged and falsified. We operate on the reputation of the management team and the past performance within their fields. The company is custom designed and developed to satisfy the demanding requirements in an ever changing operational environment. However our Afghan company president has a successful track record of serving the international community in Afghanistan and the senior foreign partners have extensive knowledge of the security situation and the necessity to communicate with the clients clearly and concisely to ensure peace of mind.

1. To contribute to the reconstruction and development of rural and rehabilitation projects in Afghanistan
2. To help needy Afghans trough implementation of suns table project.
3. To encourage the Afghan people to participate in rehabilitation of Afghanistan
4. To contribute to alleviation of human suffering and provision of basic social services to vulnerable people of Afghanistan
5. To take part in construction and reconstruction of the infrastructure of country for example, public buildings, roads, irrigation system, water supply system, Power System, education, health, vocational training and emergency.
6. To provide facilities for Afghans.
7. To establish training courses and income generation projects inside Afghanistan.
8. To coordinate and develop projects by establishing and cooperation with organizations with having similar objectives and with donor organization, surveys, maps and plans would be made available to other organization for funding and implementation.

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